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   Srimathe Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha:

             ( by Dasan   Kudanthai Amudhan)        PART - 9

Yogas caused by chevvai – if mars is in its own sign or exalted in makara with respect to lagna in angle (Kendra), it will give one of the  most powerful pancha maha pursha yogas called as “ Ruchaka” yoga which will give the native  with strong physique, good health and make him as a king or its equivalent power. If lagna is vruchika and if mars is in any Kendra happen to aspect its own lagna, it will give him a ‘Chakravarthi”yoga, most beneficial yoga.Besides chevvai in combination with guru bestows “Guru mangala yoga” and with sukran, it gives “Bhirugu mangala yoga” if both  such combinations  are placed in a Kendra from lagna. Both yogas give benefic results by elevating the natives to top position. Also the other powerful yoga is “Chandra mangala “yoga which will make one as poets,lyricsts or cine actors besides bestowing benefic results in any field if this combination occurs in a Kendra. Similarly for both simha and kataka lagnas, the combination of both chevvai and sukran/ guru in any Kendra preferably in its own signs will give a powerful “Dharmakarmadhipathiyoga which will make one shine in their respective field of profession and make the native as a benevolent person to the extent of being the instrumental in building  a temple.

Manglik ( chevvai dosham)  arise if mars is placed in the horoscope of a native in signs of  8,7,4,1,12,2 forming the order of severity of dosham from lagna or moon whichever is most powerful. This will give a powerful “Chevvai dosham” but with many exceptions like for simha and kataka lagnas, mars become the yogakaragha and hence do not cause any dosham. Also for mesha and vruchika lagnas, mars become its lagnathipathis.Hence for above four lagnas,even if chevvai is placed in any worst sign,its evil effects will be very minimal. Similarly if chevvai is aspected by Saturn or bhudhan or Jupiter, its malefic effects will be minimized to great extend subject to its being placed in good sign in a horoscope.For Tula(libra) lagna If mars dasa period of 7 years do not cross during the period of marriage,it will be better otherwise if mars is placed in good sign aspected by above planets,it will counter its malefic effects to great extend. Mars dasa of malefic ownership and bad placement will delay the marriage, affect marital life, and put one in debts, causes accidents, giving ill health besides creating skin problems. A benefic chevvai will bestow one with purchase of houses/lands, success  in sports, good health, prosperity and good placement in employment, giving progeny ect. Hence chevvai plays a major role in marriage and marital life and in purchase of bhumi (lands and buildings ) ect.

 Tulsi plant ( Holy basil ) –This plant known as Vishnu priya or Hari priya is the repellant of mosquitoes,  poisonous snakes ,reptiles and insects. Tulsi leaves and its juice are taken to bring down fever  and as cough syrup in reliving cold, flu, asthma ect. It is the best digestive agent and for curing leprosy. Wherever tulsi plant is there, it keeps away the inflectional diseases like smallpox, malaria ,typhoid’s, the diseases normally  governed by chevvai.Tulsi leaves are good for blood purifying and its seeds are worn  as ‘malai” (chain)  to control abnormal heart beat and blood pressure, the karagathvam of chevvai. Besides above, tulsi leaves are  good for  controlling  piles and respiratory problems. Wherever tulsi plant is grown, that place will be free from misery and sorrow. There are two types of tulsi plants  one as Krishna tulsi in purple color of blackish leaves and another as lakshmi or rama tulsi in green color leaves grown in south india. Sri andal took avatar just below the plant of tulsi as the amsam of Sri bhumi devi. The origin of tulsi   (brinda or vrinda in sanskrit) plant  is given  below in nutshell.

TULSI DEVI -Tulsi plant is believed to be the incarnation of vrinda (Brinda), the daughter of asura kalanemi and virtuous wife of jalandhar. According to the legend when indra  out of his ego  angered shiva  in the presence of brahaspati, shiva got angry and opened his third eye from which fire balls emanated and started chasing indra. Brahaspati prayed to shiva to spare indras life.  Accordingly shiva ensured that fire balls chasing indra  was cast in to the salty water of ocean from which an asura came out. He got the name as “jalandhar” as he was born out of sea water.As he was born in sea,he was adopted by Samudra rajan as his son thereby becoming the brother of goddess lakshmi. Jalandhar did long penance and got boon from Brahma that he would not be killed by anyone till the time his wife  vrinda was in her chastity. Hence jalandhar drew his strength for his longevity from his wife purity and chastity that enabled him to conquer the three worlds of devas and started troubling them true to his demonic nature. So firm was the chastity of his wife , jalandhar could not be defeated even by shiva .So shiva asked devas to surrender to lord vishnu who later disguised as  jalandhar went to vrinda devi during the absence of her husband and greeted her with a hung.This  virtually made her lose chastity and purity maintained by her.Taking advantage of this, devas killed jalandhar. An enraged and deceived vrinda devi cursed lord vishnu to be the rolling stones for his stone hearted trick. Lord accepted this curse with pleasure and gave her boon that her body to be the river kandaki and her hair to be the tulsi plant, which leaves would be worn  by him as garland always.Thus Lord vishnu wears  garland of tulsi  thereby allowing Vrinda to curse him to become stones in which he would manifest himself as ‘Salagrama sila” in her body “Kandaki river”. Vrinda performed 1000 years austerity to get lord vishnu as her  husband.                  
Srivilliputtur Vimanam -Srivilliputtur vimanam is called as ‘’vimala krithi’ which means  ’ pure creation as  the word ‘vimala’ denotes ‘pure ‘ and ‘ krithi’ means ‘’classical form of musical composition‘ or‘the creation‘ generally used to mention the work of art or literature invariably  pointing in this context to sri andals thiruppavai created by her in this kshetram.The vimana is also called as ‘’samsana vimana’. There are many variants in this word like ’sama + asana” with the meaning of equal position since ‘’sama’ points to equal and ‘ asana’ is referred to the “seat or position”.Indeed to testimony,this temple is credited with the equal status given by the lord to his vahana garudan  who  stands together with emperuman and Sri andal in the same platform.on the other hand, samsana”  has got another variant like ,‘sama’ meaning ‘melody orsweet hymn’ as sama veda is denoted, while sana’ is pointed out to ‘praise of god’ which means  sweet hymn in praise of god.This word also refers to Sri andals thiruppavai.Chevvai represent Sama veda. Thirdly the word ‘sama +sana’ also gives the  meaning of ‘equal + radiance’ as ‘Sana’ or “sanam” also gives meaning as ‘radiance’.This points out that thiruppavai is considered to be giving  equal radiance or brillance like Vedas as a beacon to the people in kali yuga.Therefore thirupavai is mentioned in a pasuram as‘வேதம் அனைத்துக்கும் வித்தாகும்- கோதை தமிழ்.

Radiance or brilliance is denoted by chevvai  who was born with the radiance of red color similar to the red color of Sun.Samsana in one word invariably gives another meaning as ‘’To extinguish ‘or‘’to burn ‘the sins of all jeevathmas to get rid of ocean of samsara, the birth and rebirth again.Mars planet has many volcanoes which erupt the fire  often but it has  carbon-di-oxide 95% in the atmosphere which extinguish the fire .In this temple, Sri andal is in Eka simhasana with Sri Rangamannar in the middle and garudan on the left as a‘’pranava roopam’.Sri Rangammanar represent‘Akaram’,Sri andal represent “ukaram’ and garudan  represent’ Makaram”. Therefore  Srivilliputtur is known as ‘Pranava kshetram’ with emperuman as ‘eswara’,Sri andal stands for ‘chit’ and garudan signify ‘achit’.

Sri Andal killi ( parrot) – Sri andal idols in temples are  portrayed  to be holding a parrot in her left hand.In srivilliputtur,a fresh killi is made everyday and adorned to decorate the left hand of Sri andal in her sannidhi accompanied with the presiding deity of Sri rangamannar.There are many flowers and plants used in making this parrot which is being  done traditionally  by a family  over many decades. This parrot flowers and plants are invariably connected to chevvai. Sevvai arali mottu ( red oleander flowers buds) for tail wings, red pomegranate flowers for nose,white arali (oleander) leaves for tail, tapioca leaves for body, palm tree leaves for structure, kaka ponnu for eyes and Nandhiya vattai leaves for wings are used to make a parrot. Arali  (oleander)  flowers  are connected to chevvai due to its dark red color and toxic nature of arali seeds.Tapioca leaves grown below the earth are also connected to  chevvai  and to this kshetram as cottage industries for making match boxes for fire industries here use  tapioca starch to assemble the outer boxes  by hands.Pomegranate fruits  seeds are of reddish color.Sri andal  is decorated with  special thirumudi (hair) jadai with Thazhampoo,also known as“screw pine”in English and Ketakai in Sanskrit/hindi. Similarly this kshetram is known as Shenbagaranyam (the forest full of  trees of Shenbagam-champak flowers) True to this ,still at the foot hills of  nearby forest to the temple, there is a place called “ “shebaga thootam”. Shenbaga flowers come in colors of yellow, red, white and blue and also known as “ golden champa” or“ Nag champa” since the petals of flowers resemble to the hood of a serpent and its fragrance smell is known to attract Snakes. Similarly Thazhampoo  used in andal jadai  are also having such fragrance smell believed to attract  serpents. After decorating it in the evening, next day morning  this ‘killi” will be given to a lucky devotee.Similarly Sri andal in her thiruppavai 13th pasuram  mentioned as “annaisatthan”the bird believed to be called in ancient days as “Bharathwaj pakshi” in Sanskrit and in tamil/Malayalam as “Vannampadi kuruvi“apart from in English word as“ Indian skylord bird” Chevvai foster father was  maharishi Bharathwaj muni and hence chevvai gothra was the same lineage of sage “Bharathwaj gotra “.Sri andal took avatar in “ puttur” known as “ant-hills “and her head crown kondai appears to be resembling similar to “Valmiki”,(ant-hills) the great poet .Therefore this kshetram connection to vata maram (banyan tree), Nag champa and Thazhampoo flowers show the influence of  mars and serpent, the worship of which is done by women during Aadi month,the avatar month of Sri andal to pray for the wellbeing of husband and for fertility,governed by chevvai as its karaghan.Ant-hills are closely connected to chevvai.Even from the puranic episode of lord srinivasar in meditation below the anthill in tirumala,the shepherd who  followed and tried to kill the cow out of his anger due to the reason that cow was milking on the anthill everyday, had to die eventually and also  his blood was spilled on the soil.Also the lord received the blow from him too.Chevvai is the indicator of angry and blood spilling incidents either in violence or in accidents.Hence chevvai has to  appeased by praying sri andal to ward of its evil effects indicated in native horoscope.

Sarvam sri krishnarpanam

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